Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mike Fiers Stumbles at Coors Field

Brewers at Coors Field
It was bound to happen. Mike Fiers was going to have one of those games where you just can’t get a guy out. What’s interesting about last night’s game was that the same thing happened to Yovanni when he was a high-flying rookie. The first thing that Fiers needs to do is remember that Coors Field will turn fly balls to home runs. The air is thinner, and it’s just going to happen. What Fiers doesn’t want to do is change the way he works, just because he got clobbered in one game.

It’s all about taking it game by game. Fiers probably knew that this was going to happen at some point. If I were him, I wouldn’t look at how his ERA jumped to 2.63. I wouldn’t go out and see what I can change in my throw, stance, etc. Just pitch the way that you learned. The style that got you to the majors shouldn’t change just because you got creamed.

Coming into this game, Fiers was crushing it. He pitched a near-perfect game against the Reds, and that’s nothing to play down, just because he couldn’t find his pitches at Coors Field. Eight earned runs in two innings will crush you, but you have to pick yourself back up and be ready to go once again. Prior to this debacle he was averaging 6.5 strikeouts per game, and doing that over roughly six innings of baseball. Don’t be like Gallardo, and struggle for a few more starts before going back to what you know. Just play your game Fiers, and you will be fine.

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