Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weeks Has Seven Good Games But Does That Mean Anything at This Point?

Rickie Weeks Baseball
Has Rickie Weeks come out of his long, drawn out slump?  Does it really matter at this point in the season?  In past seven games, Weeks has gone 7 for 19, batting .368.  He’s scored five runs, and hit just one homer.  Overall, he still ranks near the bottom in production for a non pitcher in a Brewers uniform.  He is batting .268 since the All Star break, improving greatly from that dismal .199 he put up in the first half.  Still, this is a player that the Brewers paid pretty big money for, when they extended his contract in 2011.  We’re talking 10 million dollars per year, big.

Is it any wonder that Weeks has had a down year? If he finishes out the season on a high note, it might just bring his averages up to where they always seem to be.  His numbers reveal that his best yearly average was a not so great .279, and that came in 2006 when he played in only 95 games. He may go injury free this year, but his numbers have never broken the .300 average in batting, so what should we expect from Weeks?  I would like to see fewer strikeouts, for one.  He’s whiffing about as much as Hart, but without the production to justify it. Hart has hit 51 home runs over the past two seasons, with a batting average in the .284 range. 

Yes, I want to see Weeks play better ball, but I just can’t get my hopes up for some miracle .300 season, ever.  He’s just not that kind of player.  When he’s not hurt, he’s playing so-so ball.  Yes, he hit 49 homers over the same two seasons that Hart hit his 51, but if you go back to prior years, Weeks is either hurt, or putting up crappy numbers. In 2010, his 184 strikeouts were easier to take because he hit 29 home runs that year.  We’ll see how this pans out, but I’m beginning to regret the fact that the Brewers offered up a 10 million per year payout for Weeks.   

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