Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Brewers Cut Ties With Rrancisco Rodriguez

Brewers Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez may not be a part of the Brewers bullpen anymore, though a newly public domestic violence and battery arrest in Wales in September is forcing the organization to keep ties with the reliever. Tyler Barnes, the team's vice president of communications, denies that the franchise knows the nature of Rodriguez's arrest, though he did admit that they were aware that there had been an incident.

District Attorney for Spokeshave County Brad Schimel also remained hushed when questioned about the subject recently, only revealing that the complaint was called into police on September seventeenth, and Rodriguez was apprehended the following day.

Schimel also cleared up the question of why Rodriguez was back on the mound for the Brewers as soon as the twentieth, stating that no charges had been filed against him, and that he was free to go after being brought in for questioning.

Rodriguez ran into legal trouble while playing in New York for the Mets as well. He was arrested at Citi Field in August 2010 for assault and harassment during an altercation with his then girlfriend's father. He was given one year of anger counseling for the crime.

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