Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scott Boras and Prince Fielder | Boras and Historical Contracts

Scott Boras Contract

Prince Fielder's agent Scott Boras isn't worried about his client’s job status. The Brewers first basemen was expected to move quickly during this free agency period, but as of now the few offers that have been made haven't gone through.

It's all about the negotiating style he has for his clients. A master negotiator, Boras, uses his silent but stern attitude when dealing with club owners. Stories of his tactics have gone around the league many times over, making him one of the most feared (and successful,) agents in the business. He has made it an art form to keep teams on their heels, forcing them to drive up the price without any counter offers. This practice worked with the Astros in 2004 when they wanted to re-sign Carlos Beltran. Boras’ continued silence after three offers made the Houston staff extremely anxious. They would eventually (without any word from the agent,) raise their offer to well over $100 million. That was an increase of more than $30 million over their initial offer. Let's look at some of the more famed contracts that Mr. Boras has lassoed:


Bill Caudill - $1.5 million
Ben McDonald – $1.01 million


Greg Maddux - $57.5 million
Matt White – 10.2 million
Kevin Brown - $105 million
Bernie Williams – $87.5 million


Alex Rodriguez - $252 million
Barry Bonds - $90 million
J.D. Drew - $55 million
Adrián Beltré - $64 million
Jason Varitek - $40 million
Carlos Beltrán - $119 million
Johnny Damon - $52 million