Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wily Peralta Is An Ace Pitcher In The Making

Wily Peralta Brewers pitcher
Ever since the end of last season I have spent a great deal of time discussing the Brewers young pitching and the entire time, I have claimed that Wily Peralta, out of all of them, is the one with the ace’s arm. He has really been up and down the entire season but last night, in one incredible performance, he showed the world that talent when he pitched a 3-hit shutout against the powerful Cincinnati Reds lineup.

Peralta’s final box score of the night went as follows- 9 innings, three hits, four walks, six strikeouts, 112 pitches thrown. The high walk totals for him to this point in his career have been a cause for concern so far, but that is typical of a talented young pitcher. Give it time. What I am most excited about from this performance is how he straight dominated the middle of the Reds lineup. Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, and Jay Bruce are about as good as it gets right now across Major League Baseball for a middle of the order trio. Their combined stat line on the night was 0-8, with three strikeouts. Sounds like some pretty impressive work on Peralta’s part to me. If Peralta can perform like this more times than not, the Brewers should be very comfortable moving Yovani Gallardo in the near future.

I also like how Doug Melvin is building value for certain players. Rickie Weeks is hitting better and Francisco Rodriguez is performing nicely as the closer. Both may bring the Brewers back something halfway decent in a trade. Don’t worry about Weeks. They’re done with him. At this point, they are just building value so they don’t have to eat his contract. After they trade him, they will recall Scooter in September. The reason as to why they sent Scooter down was to keep his service time from already clicking. By waiting until September, they are saving themselves an extra year of team control with Scooter. 

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