Thursday, September 19, 2013

Brewers To Keep Or Dump For 2014

Brewers Picks 2013
The Milwaukee Brewers have had a rough 2013 season and changes will be made this season. Lets take a look at some notable Brewers and ask the question, take em’ or trash em'.  You might agree with my pick, or not.  Either way, there are moves that need to be made for next season.   

Jonathan Lucroy: Of all the notable bats in the middle of the lineup the Milwaukee Brewers began 2013 with, Lucroy is the only one who is still there. Lucroy has had an admirable season considering everything that has happened around him, batting .278 with 17 home runs and 78 RBI’s. Take him.
Aramis Ramirez: Aramis Ramirez has dealt with injuries this season, most recently with the wrist, and it has effected his production. Doug Melvin was actively pursuing a trade partner for him, and my guess is that will continue into the offseason.  Trash him.

Carlos Gomez: For a long time now Gomez has been that what could be player. Well, in 2013 Gomez has turned what could be into what is. He has been one of the Brewers best players all season, and is a favorite to win one of three outfield Gold Glove awards in the National League. Take him.

Wily Peralta: Wily Peralta has had a very up and down 2013. Currently he sits at 10-15 with a 4.34 ERA. Peralta is the Brewers most talented pitcher, and this was his first full major league season. Give him some time people. Take him.

Corey Hart: Despite not playing at all in 2013, Hart remains a very polarized Brewer. Yes he has been a good player, but some people make him out to be better than he is. On a realistic level, Hart is an excellent second level player, and is a valuable commodity for any lineup. With the direction the Brewers are headed, does he fit into the Brewers plans? For the right price, yes. Take him.

Jim Henderson: With the rapid fall from grace of former Brewer John Axford, Henderson was thrust into the role of closer and has done as best he can considering the situation. However, I don’t think Henderson lasts very long as a closer and right now his value is high. Melvin could get something pretty decent for him right now. Trash him.

Kyle Lohse: Kyle Lohse, who the Brewers picked up towards the end of Spring Training, has been Milwaukee’s most consistent starter in 2013. However the Brewers are going to be rebuilding for a long time, and Lohse isn’t someone you rebuild with. Loshe has value right now, and Melvin would be a fool not to take advantage of that. Trash him.

Rickie Weeks: Never in the history of American professional sports has there been a player so written about for being so bad. To many, this may be an easy answer, but here is why it isn’t- Weeks is owed 14 million “Founding Fathers” next season. If they can find someone to dump Week’s contract onto, well then get rid of him, but they won’t be able to, so the best thing to do would be to continue to hang onto him. I can hear the screams now from Brewers fans. Take him.

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