Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Brewers 2013 Season Recap | Player By Player Awards

Milwaukee Brewers Recap 2013
On Sunday afternoon when Frank Francisco struck out AramisRamirez in the top of the 9th inning, the long trying road that had become the Milwaukee Brewers 2013 season came to a merciful end. However, even in particular bad season, you can still find good.

Milwaukee Brewers 2013 MVP: Jonathan Lucroy. Runner Up: Carlos Gomez. Third Place: Jean Segura

The popular choice amongst some fans is that Carlos Gomez is the team’s 2013 MVP. After all, he did have his best statistical season ever. This season Carlos Gomez played in 147 games, batted .284, and collected 152 hits. Broken down into parts those hits are 24 home runs, 10 triples, 27 doubles, and 91 singles. In addition Gomez had an OBP of .338, a slugging percentage of .506 and an OPS of .843. There is one catch here, numbers are huge in baseball, but they are not everything. The Milwaukee Brewers 2013 season became a circus, and it was none other than Jonathan Lucroy that kept them together throughout this circus of a season.

Milwaukee Brewers 2013 best pitcher award: Kyle Lohse. Runner Up: Jim Henderson. Third Place: Yovani Gallardo

This is a particularly easy one. The pitching in 2013 for the Brewers was as inconsistent as it gets. However there was one constant all season, Kyle Lohse. Kyle Loshe went out there amongst the inconsistency and provided some stability that was needed. Jim Henderson had a very pleasant rookie season (Yes according to the rules he was still considered a rookie this year). That is worth mentioning as well.

Milwaukee Brewers 2013 Rookie of the Year (Don’t Laugh): Scooter Gennett. Runner Up; Scooter Gennett. Third Place: Scooter Gennett.

This one is even easier than deciding who was the Brewers best pitcher in 2013. Scooter got his opportunity, and made the most of it, leaving no doubt as to who will be the everyday second basemen for this club in 2014. However, let me say this; don’t expect him hit this well next year. Expect about .280 or so.

Overall I would say Milwaukee played much better in the second half than they did in the first half. Part of that may have been that the circus died down by August and the remaining players who were not suspended or injured were able to focus on playing baseball. 

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