Friday, October 18, 2013

Which Brewers To Trade Before 2014 Season

Brewers Trades For 2014
Following a frustrating 2013 season in which the Brewers finished with a record of 74-88,  general manager Doug Melvin has many questions to answer? What will Milwaukee do with Ryan Braun? How will he fix the pitching issues that have plagued the Brewers the least couple of seasons? These are just several of the questions he needs to answer. Melvin also needs to figure out who he is going to trade and for what. Let’s face it, the Brewers roster as is just isn’t going to get the job done. So which players will he trade?

Yovani Gallardo- A year ago at this time Milwaukee was heading into an offseason of uncertainty which would be followed by a season of even more uncertainty. One thing was clear though- entering the 2013 season Milwaukee had the best trade chip in all of major league baseball, starting pitcher Yovani Gallardo. Oh how one season changes everything. Gallardo’s value has sunk to an all time low following the worst season statistically of his major league career. Gallardo still has value however. It will be interesting to see if Melvin trades him now, or waits to see if he gets back to being Yovani Gallardo next season and then trade him at the deadline for the package Melvin thought he would be getting in the first place.

Kyle Lohse- Many Brewers fans might disagree with me saying that Lohse was Milwaukee’s best pitcher in 2013 and for that reason Melvin should hold onto him. Here’s the problem, it cost Milwaukee a first round draft choice to sign him, and Lohse’s value right now is around the highest it could ever be. If Melvin wanted to, he could trade Lohse for a very good package.

Jim Henderson- Hold it just a minute. Before you scream, here me out. Henderson came out of nowhere and has emerged has a good closer, to this point. To this point is the key part of that sentence. Personally I don’t think Henderson can last as a closer, meaning, I don’t think he can keep up this production. Right now, Henderson’s value is as high as ever.

Should Milwaukee Trade Ryan Braun?

Ryan Braun- I am not the first one to bring this up and I certainly will not be the last. Braun’s story is well documented, so I will not go into specifics here. What I will discuss is the possibility that Braun is traded. Braun is a big name, but he is coming off of a drug suspension. Braun has one of the most un-tradable contracts in baseball. However that doesn’t mean he can’t be traded. A team that comes to mind is the Dodgers. However the Dodgers are already sitting on four big money contracts in the outfield. The only way this could be a possibility is if the Brewers take one of those contracts, say Andre Ethier, and a third team takes Carl Crawford. As of this moment though, a Braun trade appears highly unlikely.


Tom Schuster said...

Something has to be done about Weeks..Scooter has played very well in Weeks absence and deserves to be the everyday 2nd Baseman

Milwaukee Brewers Error Pages said...

If I know Doug Melvin like I think I know Doug Melvin, he will attempt to trade Yovanni Gallardo this off-season and demand and expect to get a top 10 prospect in the game such as Addison Russell from the A's or Jackie Bradley from the Red Sox, and when he doesn't get it wonder why.

I.E. Gallardo wont go anywhere, unless its for salary relief, or a mid level prospect with a low ceiling. Lohse has little value as well, and Henderson has almost no value as a 10 year minor league vet.