Monday, November 18, 2013

Fixing Brewers Pitching Rotation Is A Must For 2014 | Signing Free Agent Pitchers Is A Close Second

Brewers 2014 Pitchers
As we head full-blown into the major league off season, we know one thing for certain, Milwaukee’s pitching rotation is broken, and it needs to be fixed. When I say broke, I don’t mean they need a couple more starters, I mean with the exception of young stud Wily Peralta, they may need to change out their rotation entirely, because what they have now is not going to work.

Other than Peralta, there are two other pitchers we know will be in Milwaukee’s rotation in 2014- if they are here. Those pitchers would be Yovani Gallardo and Kyle Lohse. I say if they are here because those names keep floating around in trade rumors, and I believe Melvin should trade one now, and the other at the trade deadline next season. Lohse’s value is about as good as it will get right now, so I believe Lohse is the player they ought to trade now, as in this off season. Gallardo is due for a better season in 2014 as the way his career has gone so far says that 2013 was not the norm. In other words, I believe Gallardo should start opening day, and then he should be followed by Peralta.

I have spent some time recently writing about free agents Milwaukee should sign and prospects that could make an impact next season. I believe Scott Feldman would be a good fit and I believe Milwaukee should sign him. They also have two young pitching prospects that got a look late in the season, Johnny Hellwig and Jimmy Nelson. I believe Hellwig will start the season in Milwaukee’s rotation and he will be joined very soon by Nelson. There is also a former first round draft choice named Taylor Jungmann who might make it to the major leagues late in the season.

So to sort this all out, this is how I would set up Milwaukee’s rotation if I were Doug Melvin. I would start out with Yovani Gallardo, Wily Peralta, Scott Feldman, Marco Estrada, and Johnny Hellwig. If Gallardo can regain his value, I believe Milwaukee should trade him as soon as he does and replace him in the rotation with Jimmy Nelson. Late in the season, if Jungmann is ready, I believe Milwaukee should go to a six man rotation. However this is all subject to the rest of the off season moves and injuries next season. 

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