Monday, November 11, 2013

Free Agents That The Brewers Should Consider In 2014

Brewers Free Agent Market 2014
The Milwaukee Brewers are currently a team in rebuilding mode, at least we think. Still, even in rebuilding mode, there are free agents that teams should take a look at. Here is my list of free agents I believe the Brewers and Doug Melvin should consider for 2014. 

Corey Hart / 1B- Despite the fact that Hart has never played for another team we need to consider him as a free agent, because technically, he is. Hart is drawing interest from several teams, including the Twins and the Brewers, which is to be expected. Don’t expect Hart to sign right away though. He missed the entire season with a knee injury. As the free agent period goes on, expect teams to continually check in on his knees. I wouldn’t expect a deal to happen by the end of November, probably even into January before we may see a deal get done. Any contract, regardless of the team he signs with, will probably be a one year deal with incentives.

Justin Morneau / 1B- Despite the fact the Milwaukee doesn’t seem to have interest in him right now, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t or won’t. Morneau would be a great fit in Milwaukee. He is a good defensive first basemen, and would benefit from Miller Park’s short porch in right field. Don’t expect Morneau to return to Minnesota though, that ship has sailed.

James Loney / 1B- If Milwaukee doesn’t land Hart or Morneau, Loney might be a good option to turn to next. He is an excellent defensive first basemen, maybe even the best defensive first basemen in major league baseball, and can hit for average when he is not expected to carry a lineup.

Mike Napoli /1B- Napoli, a former catcher, has found a career as a first basemen/designated hitter. It is highly unlikely Melvin ever gets a chance to look at Napoli as he is expected to quickly work out a deal to return to Boston.

Scott Baker / SP- Baker, a former top prospect for the Twins, has had a decent major career so far. Baker missed the entire 2012 season with an arm injury but resumed his playing career this season for the Cubs, making three starts towards the end of the season. Baker would be an excellent option for the pitching desperate Milwaukee Brewers on a one year, incentive laden contract.

Scott Feldman / SP- Feldman was once a solid prospect for the Rangers, but sort of fell off the map and spent the final part of the season in Baltimore. Still, Feldman is a ground ball pitcher who might be an option for Milwaukee’s rotation if Melvin chooses to go that route.

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