Monday, December 23, 2013

Brewers Player Options For First Base In 2014

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The Milwaukee Brewers came into this offseason with a huge need at first base. So far this offseason, they have done nothing to address that need. Doug Melvin had a chance to sign the likes of Mike Napoli, James Loney, and Justin Morneau. Now Napoli was highly unlikely to begin with, but Loney and Morneau would have been good signings. Out of those two, I say Morneau would have fit better. Right now, this locker room in Milwaukee, with everything that has happened over the last couple of years, needs a true professional, a calming veteran presence, to come in here, and relax this team. This doesn’t need to be a great player, or even a good to great player, just a good, hard working professional who the Brewers know they won’t need to baby-sit. Justin Morneau would have been just that, a guy who could come in here, and on any particular day if the team is feeling a little stressed out or whatever, simply say to the team "Alright gentlemen, let’s relax and go play some baseball today."

At this point I see a trade as highly unlikely so Milwaukee may need to go with what is has or search through the trash bin of free agency to find an answer. So what would these options be?

Ben Francisco - At this point Francisco looks to be the starter by default over there. He has the most power out of any of the in-house options for Milwaukee.

Yuniesky Betancourt- Even though he currently stands as a free agent, Betancourt has played for Milwaukee on several occasions, including last season, some of which he played at first base. Melvin could sign him at any time he wanted if he really wanted to.

Alex Gonazlez- Alex Gonalzez is another player Milwaukee simply stuck at first base last season. He was playing okay over there until he got hurt. This is another option sitting out there for Melvin to consider if he has to.

Hunter Morris- This one is highly unlikely. Morris barely kept his head above water in Triple A last season. He is not ready for the big leagues yet.

Mat Gamel- This one is intriguing to me. Gamel was once a top Brewers prospect who at one point was actually considered to be a one-for-one swap for C.C. Sabathia instead of the package the Brewers sent the Indians for Sabathia. However injuries have all but ruined Gamel’s career. Still Milwaukee could give him a Spring Training invite and try to give him one last chance. Personally, I do not like any of these options, and I believe Melvin’s lack of addressing of the issue is going to come back to haunt Milwaukee. 

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