Monday, January 13, 2014

Lack Of Trades In Brewers Camp Sparks Interest | Are The Brewers Moving In The Right Direction?

Brewers Trades 2014
The Milwaukee Brewers entered the off season with two major needs. Outside of one trade, they have done nothing to address either of those needs. The Brewers lack of activity this off season is so well documented that it has even caught the attention of the national media. This might seem a little strange. After all, we have never seen an off season league wide with this much activity in quite some time. However if you look at the rest of the NL Central, the Brewers lack of off season activity is right on line with the rest of them.

So far this off season, there has only been one major transaction in the NL Central, the Cardinals signing shortstop Johnny Peralta to a four year contract. Other than that, the news in NL Central has been dominated by managerial changes and players that actually left. Both the Cubs and Cardinals changed managers this off season. The Cubs brought in Rick Renteria and the Reds brought in Bryan Price.

Many players have left the NL Central for other teams as well. The Pirates watched as two important parts to their playoff run last season, two players they had acquired mid-season, walked away. First basemen Justin Morneau signed with the Rockies and outfielder Marlon Byrd signed with the Phillies. The Cardinals watched as outfielder Carlos Beltran signed with the New York Yankees The Reds have been rumored to be looking to trade all-star second basemen Brandon Phillips and the Cubs have been rumored to be looking to be doing the same with starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija. In fact, the Cubs and Twins had a trade in place to bring Samardzija to Minnesota in exchange for second base prospect Eddie Rosario. The deal seemed imminent until Rosario was suspended 50 games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. 

Should These NL Central Teams Be Concerned?

No they should not. See, the rest of these teams across the league are making these transactions because they have to. Seattle has to figure out a way to be better than the Angels, Athletics, and Rangers. The situation in the NL Central is unique. The three teams at the top last season, the Reds, Pirates, and Cardinals, have no reason to believe they can’t do it again. The Pirates believe in themselves now, which is actually the last remaining piece they have been missing more than anything else these last two years. The Reds believe it was the manager, so they made a change, and the Cardinals believe in their own system. The only teams who should be concerned are the Cubs and Brewers. Actually, change that. We know exactly what Chicago is doing right now. At this moment, the Cubs are not trying to be better than those three at the top. They are trying to position themselves to be the best team five years from now. That leaves just the Brewers. As for Milwaukee, there is not much they can do right now. If anything, they should be doing what the Cubs are doing, because there is no way the Brewers can be better than two of those three teams at the top over the course of a 162 game season next year. 

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