Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Brewers Need to Make More Moves Before 2014 Season Starts

Well it appears as if the Milwaukee Brewers are done making moves this off season, although one could say they didn’t really make any to begin with outside of one signing, which is true. But, in all seriousness, we do know this will be the roster the Brewers head to Spring Training with. Despite the Matt Garza signing, I will tell you this isn’t a playoff roster, and if Melvin is smart, he will move some more veterans in season at the trade deadline for prospects. Below are a list of names I believe could get traded.

Aramis Ramirez/3B- It seems as if the veteran Ramirez has been a trade candidate for a long time now. Well, now is the time to trade him, especially if he has a good productive season. Where will he get traded? Well, a lot of that will depend on who could use a veteran bat at the trade deadline. Right now one such possibility could be Baltimore.

Jim Henderson/RP- I know a lot of you may think I’m insane for wanting to trade Henderson. However Henderson reminds me of a young Latroy Hawkins- big fastball, and not much else. If you think we way to the beginning of Hawkins career, he was a closer for a while based on that fastball. Teams began to wise up to it and hitters began to sit back and time that big fastball in the 9th inning. I think it would be wise for Melvin to trade Henderson before everyone else realizes this.

Rickie Weeks/2B- I know a lot of you may read this and say “Yes Please!.” Let me remind you though that somebody would want him in order for the Brewers to trade him. Right now, it appears as if Milwaukee couldn’t give him away if they wanted to. Nobody wants that contract. Well, if they can build value for him somehow, enough that they could dump him on somebody, they will move him as soon as they do.

Kyle Lohse/SP- Kyle Lohse was the confusing signing for 2013. Milwaukee gave up a first round drat choice to sign him. Right now,. Lohse has value, and if he can hold that value or possibly build on it the first half of the season, it would be wise for Milwaukee to move him and try to regain the value in that first round draft choice they lost.

Yovani Gallardo/SP- What a difference a year makes. A year ago today we were talking about Gallardo being maybe the most coveted free agent starting pitcher in major league history. We were saying he could have gotten 10/200 if he hit the market in stride. One year later, his value has gone through the floor. A year ago Milwaukee could have gotten the world for him, now they would be lucky to get one elite prospect. However, it is far from over here. If he can get back to where he was before last season, he could get right back to being that coveted pitcher we were talking about, and it would be smart for Milwaukee to move him at that point in time. 

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