Friday, July 25, 2014

Last Call For Trades Before The MLB Deadline

MLB Trade Deadline
The 2014 Major League Baseball trade deadline is upon us, which means the rumor mills are spinning once again. This trade deadlines hopes to be more lively than last years. In fact, Oakland got the party started early when old Billy Beane through us another curveball, trading for Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel. Let’s examine the trade market for other big names.

Jon Lester- It appears as if the Red Sox will not be able to extend Lester before the trade deadline. With the Red Sox all but out of it, a trade seems both likely and imminent. Big news broke last week when it was reported that the Red Sox and Dodgers are discussing a one for one trade, Jon Lester for Matt Kemp. Other fits for Lester include the Brewers (unlikely, but technically still a fit), Atlanta, Seattle, and St. Louis.

David Price- speaking of St. Louis, if the Dodgers trade for Matt Kemp it places the Cardinals as the sole front runners for David Price, and the only team with the pieces necessary to trade for Price. Other teams could inquire, such as the Angles and Braves, but only St. Louis has what the Rays are looking for.

Giancarlo Stanton- This is the biggest bat on the market, literally. Stanton has as much pure power as anyone in baseball history. Being so young, the asking price for Stanton will be sky high. The Pirates and Reds are both interested, as are the Yankees. However, the Marlins will ask for the world, and probably won’t get it, which means Stanton stays.

Chase Ultey- This one is kind of difficult, as Ultey has afull no trade clause. I personally disagree with these, as they make it hard to run a baseball team. So the question is will Ultey wave it and for whom? As I’ve said all along, the Cardinals make too much sense here. St. Louis has a huge need at second base and they can’t hit right handed pitching. Both problems solved in one shot.

Troy Tulowitzki- This is the most unlikely out of all, as Tulowitzki has a albatross contract and is injured. The Pirates and Cardinals are both interested, but a move seems unlikely.

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