Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Brewers Off Season Moves | Ryan Braun Needs To Go

Brewers off season moves 2014
As The Milwaukee Brewers playoff hopes fade into the abyss, Pittsburgh won last night so that means one more Brewers loss or one more Pirates win and it’s a done deal, it is time to take a look into the Brewers off season. Here are some items they need to address this off season, and we will delve deeper into them after the season is over.

Who will play first base? The Brewers decided to go with a platoon of Mark Reynolds and Lyle Overbay this season, but that is not a good long term strategy. Matt Clark has lay well in his September call up, but that is no guarantee he will be a good major league first basemen. I believe the Brewers are ready to wash their hands of Hunter Morris, who was never able to take that final step and make it to the major league roster. Jason Rodgers played a little bit of first, but he is not considered to be a first basemen by any stretch of the imagination. For now, Clark is the first baseman heading into the off season.

What about third base? It is safe to say that Aramis Ramirez’s career is coming to a close, as age has finally gotten the best of him the last couple of years. That happens and that is expected, but it is time to move on without him. The Brewers do not have much behind him in the system, so for now Jason Rogers is the third basemen entering into the off season. Expect the Brewers to look outside of the system for this answer.

Can Milwaukee get Jean Segura back on track? After a historic start to his major league career, Segura came crashing back down to reality in 2014. Segura batted just .239 this season and Hector Gomez is getting a long look in September as a result. Segura may need to compete for his job in the spring with Gomez.

Braun Needs To Find A New Ball Club In 2015

What to do with Ryan Braun? This has been some story, hasn’t it? Braun is having about the worst possible season he or the Brewers could have asked for coming back from the suspension. It appears as if Braun is not the player that the Brewers think he is. This off season, if they can find a taker, someone, anyone, to just dump his salary onto, they should take the deal and run.

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