Monday, September 8, 2014

There Is Hope Brewers Fans | 2014 Playoffs Are Still An Option

Brewers versus Cardinals
The Milwaukee Brewers are in the middle of one of the worst runs by any contending team this late in the season across Major League Baseball in recent memory. Milwaukee is just 3-14 in their last 17 games, and 1-11 in their last 12 games. The pitching which has been magnificent all season has all of a sudden fallen apart, and the offense which has played so well all year, has all of a sudden gone silent.

Despite all of that everything that has happened, there is still hope. The Brewers sit just a half a game out of the second wild card spot. Milwaukee is in the middle of an 11 game home stand. Yes it didn’t start well losing three out of four this weekend to St. Louis, but were talking about the Cardinals here. When the lights go on in September and October, the Cardinals are at their best. Doesn’t mean the Brewers can’t win the wild card and go on a postseason run though. The next seven games are all at home and they are four against Miami and three against Cincinnati. If the Brewers are going to turn this around, they must go, at the bare minimum, 4-3 in these games, but they will need to go 5-2, possibly 6-1 to make a difference. After that they have six huge road games, three in St. Louis and three in Pittsburgh. They will need to go 4-2 in those games. Then to finish the season they have three on the road against Cincinnati and three at home against Chicago. They will need to go 4-2 bare minimum in those games.

If they are going to right the ship the starting pitching needs to get back to where it was the first 4.5 months of the season. Someone actually said they need to replace Jimmy Nelson in the rotation. Let me tell you this, Jimmy Nelson is the least of their concerns right now in the rotation. Garza and Lohse need to stop giving up home runs as does Yovani Gallardo. I believe the Brewers missed their chance to trade Gallardo before the start of the last season, but that is a different debate for a different post, right now this is about the Brewers postseason chances. They also need Carlos Gomez’s wrist to heal fast, if Gomez can’t get back in the lineup and perform well by the end of this home stand, it’s over. The situation is desperate, but there is still hope.  

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