Friday, October 31, 2014

Madison Bumgarner Wins MVP and Drinks Multiple Brewskis | My Take On The Best Players of 2014

Madison Bumgarner
Before I begin, let me give a round of applause to the San Francisco Giants. Madison Bumgarner put together one of the best World Series performances in recent memory and deserved the World Series MVP award. We will now be debating until the end of time whether Mike Jirschele should have sent Alex Gordon but that is another debate for another day. But now, before the wild party of the baseball off season begins, lets take a look back at the MLB season and hand out some awards.

National League MVP: Andrew McCutchen/OF/Pittsburgh Pirates- I know, I know, many of you are going to scream Clayton Kershaw, but I just can’t give out an MVP award to a pitcher. They have their own award. Josh Harrison finishes second on my list and Giancarlo Stanton finishes third.

National Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw/SP/Los Angeles Dodgers- In a runaway. This is the best pitcher on the planet right now, but he is starting to develop a reputation for coming up short in the postseason. Second on this list is Adam Wainwright. Third is Johnny Cueto.

National League Rookie Of The Year- Anthony Rendon/3B/Washington Nationals- This wasn’t a great year for rookies in the National League so Rendon gets this award by default.

National League Manager Of The Year: Clint Hurdle/Pittsburgh Pirates- The Pirates got off to a rough start. They could have easily quit but Hurdle did not let them. They fought their way back and ended up with one of the two Wild Card spots. Second on this list is Bruce Bochy and third is Mike Matheny.

National League Least Valuable Player- B.J. Upton/OF/Atlanta Braves- The Braves signed Upton to a five year 85 million dollar contract before last season. That is turning out to be one of the worst free agent signings ever. Upton has had two horrible seasons and may find himself on the bench in 2015. Second on this list is Ryan Braun and third is Ryan Howard.

American League MVP- Victor Martinez/DH/Detroit Tigers- MikeTrout is about to be screwed out of another MVP award, this time at the hands of Miguel Cabrera’s teammate Victor Martinez. Second on this list is Miguel Cabrera and third is Mike Trout.

American League Cy Young- Corey Kluber/SP/Cleveland Indians- Yes, you see that right. Kluber had the American League’s best season, going 18-9 with a 2.44 ERA. Second on this list is Jon Lester and third is Felix Hernandez.

American League Rookie of The Year- Matt Shoemaker/SP/Los Angeles Angels- This man was nothing short of amazing in his rookie season. Shoemaker finished 16-4 with a 3.04 ERA. Second is Jose Abreu of the Chicago White Sox.

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