Friday, October 3, 2014

MLB Post Season Predictions

MLB 2014 Playoffs
Well, another baseball season has come and gone. Let’s take a look at the postseason match ups for the divisional series.
Kansas City vs. Los Angeles Angels- The Angels finished the season with the best record in baseball at 98-64. They will have home field advantage in the American League playoffs. The Royals had to go through the wild card play in game, and what a wild game it was. The Royals feel behind 7-3 before a wild late inning comeback sent the game into extra innings. The Royals won in 12 innings 9-8. With the loss, the meltdown for the Oakland Athletics is complete. But which meltdown was worse? We will debate that at a later date in between now and the start of next season. Kansas City now heads to Los Angeles for the first two games of this series. At this point, I think the Royals have a better chance than the Athletics to win this series so this is good for baseball. Final verdict: Royals in 4.

Detroit vs. Baltimore: Many think the Tigers have the best roster in baseball, but they really haven’t shown it at times this season. Justin Verlander has really fallen off the map since his Cy Young award run. Max Scherzer is going to get the ball for game one of this series against Chris Tillman for Baltimore. In game two Verlander will get the ball against an undecided pitcher for Baltimore and David Price will get the ball in game three for Detroit. I think Baltimore is on a mission this postseason. Final verdict: Baltimore in 5.

St. Louis vs. Los Angeles Dodgers: This is the big one that everybody is looking forward to, especially game one. In game one, Adam Wainwright will get the ball for St. Louis and he will go against Clayton Kershaw for Los Angeles. Ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t get any better than that matchup right there. Bold prediction: whoever wins this game wins this series. I say the Dodgers do, and my final verdict is Dodgers in 5.

San Francisco vs. Washington- I was not expecting what I saw in the Giants-Pirates wild card game. I have maintained all season long the Pirates are the best team in baseball if they just believe in themselves. Well the didn’t against the Giants, and as a result they went home. The Giants now head to Washington to face the Nationals. The Giants have a lot of experience which could come into play. The Nationals have the best roster left in the postseason. Nationals in 5.

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