Thursday, November 13, 2014

Biggest Free Agents Of 2015 MLB Season

MLB Free Agents
Now that the MLB season is over, it is time for the baseball off season to get started, which means the free agent signings are coming. Now in baseball, free agency is a little bit bigger of a deal and is more important than in football. This year’s free agent class is pitcher heavy. Let’s take a look at some of the notable names.

Jon Lester- The Red Sox traded Lester this season at the deadline, but that does not mean he won’t end up back in Boston. However since he was traded, the “hometown discount” is gone. He won’t end up back in Oakland though. Possible landing spots are the Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, and Atlanta Braves.

Max Scherzer- Max Scherzer made it very clear he did not want to sign an extension and wants to cash in big time. Money will be the deciding factor in this signing. The Tigers, Yankees, Dodgers, and Cubs will all have interest.

James Shields- Shields, who pitched well in the postseason and led the Royals on their miracle playoff run, is the other big name pitcher that will be cashing in this off season. Shields will consider other things than just money though and won’t cost as much to sign than the other two. The Twins, Rangers, Braves, Cubs, Yankees, Dodgers, and maybe even the Royals will all have interest.

Pedro Sandoval- Kung Fu Panda (Sandoval,) has already turned down the Giants qualifying offer, and will hit free agency. He is a bit of a "head scratcher" though, and probably thinks he is worth a lot more than he really is. The Giants, Brewers, Mariners, Angels, and Braves could all have interest, although a return to the Bay Area is likely.

Russell Martin- Russell Martin went to Pittsburgh two years ago and made a great name for himself, and he might be the most valuable player on the free agent market this offseason. He is an instant all star catcher with leadership skills that are off the charts. He will get a bigger deal this time around than the one he signed two years ago. The Pirates, Rangers, Cubs, Tigers, and Athletics will all have interest.

Chase Headley- A big name, but a return to New York is all but in the bag. If the Yankees go another direction, he could end up with the Brewers, Braves, or even the Mariners.

Hanley Ramirez- Hanley has become the biggest shortstop on the market, and he hasn’t played short in a while. Ramirez will end up either back with the Dodgers and if not the Dodgers the Yankees.    

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