Monday, November 17, 2014

Second Tier MLB Free Agents 2015

MLB Free Agents
Last week we looked at baseball’s big name free agents and where they could land. This week. Let’s look at the second tier of free agents and where they could end up.

Billy Butler/1B/DH- Butler was an integral part of the Royals postseason run. However the team declined to pick up his option making him a free agent. He could very well end up back in Kansas City but that is unlikely. He is also likely to stay in the American League as he is strictly a DH. He could play first base, but that is like asking David Ortiz to play first base. Butler’s destinations include Oakland, Texas, and Seattle.

Adam LaRoche/1B- LaRoche has made himself into a fine player as a member of the Washington Nationals. He could end up back in Washington, but he is also going to explore his options. He could DH as well, but he is statistically he is one of the best, if not the best defensive first baseman in recent memory. He was a prime candidate to come to Milwaukee before the Adam Lind trade. Now his destinations include Oakland, Boston, and ending up back in Washington.

Asdrubal Cabrera/SS- Cabrera was traded from Cleveland to Washington before the trade deadline and had a great late run to finish the season to make himself into relevant free agent again. Cabrera is a solid defensive shortstop with a good decent. Cabrera’s destinations the New York Yankees, a return to Washington, Los Angeles(both leagues), Minnesota, and just about everyone else who needs a shortstop.

Melky Cabrera/OF- Cabrera signed with Toronto following his suspension for PED’s in San Francisco two years ago. He has played well in Toronto. His landing spots if he does not return to the Blue Jays include the Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, and the Texas Rangers. Although it is certain he re-signs with Toronto.

A.J. Burnett/SP- Burnett is 38 years old and does not want to switch teams again. He either goes back to Philadelphia for one more season or he calls it a career and heads home to Little Rock, Arkansas.

Jake Peavy/SP- Peavy was important to the Giants in this World Series run. The Giants have given up on Tim Lincecum. Peavy goes back to San Francisco.

David Robertson/RP- Robertson stepped into the closer’s role for the Yankees this season and did awesome. He wants big money though. Fortunately the Yankees can afford to give it to him. No way he ends up anywhere other than back in New York.

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