Thursday, December 11, 2014

Baseball Off Season Moves As Of December 2014

So far this off season I’ve spent a great deal of time discussing potential moves and trades. Now, let’s look at what has happened in major league baseball so far, for real.

Jon Lester - This off season this has been the biggest move to date. The Cubs were in on Lester all off season and have been rumored for the longest of time to be the frontrunners for landing of Lester. The contract goes for six years and 155 million, which basically means the Cubs had to overpay by about five million to get their man. Theo isn’t done yet, as he still has a high interest in the other two big name free agent pitchers and the Cole Hamels trade rumors are getting hotter by the day.

Giancarlo Stanton - Earlier this off season, Giancarlo Stanton made history when he signed a 13 year, 325 million dollar contract extension with the Marlins. The historical part of this is this is the biggest contract in American sports history. However, if there is one player you give this contract to other than Mike Trout it is Stanton. Stanton is 25 years old, and not even in his prime yet. Stanton is as scary of a player with a bat in his hands at the plate as this game has ever seen, and he is only going to get better and better. On a funnier note, he is expected to pay 140 million in taxes.

Nelson Cruz - The Mariners are trying desperately to improve their offense, so they went out and signed the biggest bat on the market, OF/DH Nelson Cruz, and the contract goes for four years and 57 million. Cruz had a big year coming off suspension in 2014, making a case for the American League MVP award. Cruz will switch coasts now and head to Seattle, where he will be expected to protect Robinson Cano in the batting order, or the other way around, depending on which one can put their giant ego aside and let the other be the big star.

David Robertson - Not as splashy of signing as the three above, but Robertson signed with the White Sox the other day to be their new closer. This contract goes for four years and 46 million. Robertson will take over a closers role that hasn’t been filled for quite some time.

Andrew Miller - Andrew Miller signed a four year, 36 million dollar contract with the Yankees a few days ago. With David Robertson leaving, there are many who wonder if Miller will take over as the Yankees closer. He is good, but I am not sure if he has what it takes to be a closer. We will find out though.

Tori Hunter - By measurement of the advanced defensive analytics, Tori Hunter is the greatest defensive player in the history of baseball. Not just right now, or recently, not just live ball or dead ball, but ever, meaning Tori Hunter is the greatest defensive baseball player who ever lived. Hunter will be returning home to Minnesota, the place where it all started, on a one year, 10.5 million dollar contract. The Twins have a lot of talented young outfielders, and they are hoping Hunter will rub off on them. Specifically Aaron Hicks, who has all the talent in the world, but hasn’t been able to put it together yet.

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