Tuesday, December 2, 2014

MLB Free Agents On The Move In 2015

MLB Free Agents
For the last few weeks, we have discussed the free agent market league wide. This week, let’s take a look at some of the potential MLB trade chips and their potential landing spots.

Cole Hamels/SP/Phillies- The Phillies have been rumored to be looking to move Hamels for the last year and a half now. The Red Sox have a deep farm, and are interested in acquiring the services of the big-game experienced Hamels .The Red Sox rival for Hamels is the Chicago Cubs, who are really interested in Hamels, and have a loaded farm to make it happen. Another team interested is the Yankees, although they may not have the pieces to land Hamels. An outside possibility is Texas, but that is unlikely. If he gets moved, he gets moved to Boston.

Cliff Lee/SP/Phillies- Hamels rotation partner in Philadelphia, Cliff Lee, is another potential trade this offseason, although perhaps less likely than Hamels. Someone actually said that Lee could return to Texas via trade, but I just do not see how that is going that happen. The Rangers like Hamels contract a little more than Lee’s. The Yankees are desperate for starting pitching, and they could not only afford to pay Lee, but he would cost less in terms of trade chips than Hamels. Don’t know how much Boston is interested in Lee.

Jay Bruce/OF/Reds- The Reds have made it official, they are trying to move Jay Bruce for “several cheap Major League players”. But the question is, what does that mean? Does that mean prospects who are Major League ready? Until we know the answer to the question, finding a possible suitor for Bruce will be hard to predict.

Jonathan Lucroy/C/Brewers- This one could get interesting really soon. A lot of it depends on how the Brewers do out of the gate this year. Lucroy is eventually going to be too much for the Brewers pocketbook to handle, and it might be in their best interest to move him when his value is at an all time high, which it is right now. They could quickly replenish their weak spots with a Lucroy trade, and many of the Brewers pitchers seem to prefer Maldonado behind the plate.

Carlos Gonzalez/OF/Rockies- The Rockies are looking to move some of their expensive players, and Gonzalez is that the top of that list.  When healthy, he might be the best outfielder in the game, and so the Rockies can ask for the world in return for him. Maybe Texas would be a possible landing spot, they are looking for an outfield bat and they have the pieces to make it happen.

Troy Tulowitzki /SS/ Rockies- Well since the Yankees missed out of Hanley Ramirez, look for the old Tulo rumors to resurface. The Yankees have long coveted Tulo as a replacement for Jeter, and may have just enough, and want him enough, to make it happen. 

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