Friday, December 19, 2014

Old MLB Pitchers Still On The Market

Dice K
Earlier this week I looked at old position players on the market and what they have left, now let’s take a look at old pitchers. Old pitchers on the market are kind of like playing the lottery, let’s spin the wheel and see what comes out.

Bruce Chen - The long time Kansas City Royal Bruce Chen’s fastball has topped out in the low 80’s his whole career However he is not in the Royals long term plans so they chose not to re-sign him. A return is possible, not unlikely, and not many teams are in the market for an aging pitcher with a fastball that is about to dive under 80. Chen has probably played his last game in the major leagues.

Hiroki Kuroda - The 40-year-old wonder Kuroda can still be a positive addition to most rotations. However, the only thing stopping him is himself. He says that he either returns to New York or plays in Asia at this point.

Daisuke Matsuzaka - Years ago, Dice-K came over to the Red Sox from Japan with all the hype in the world. But he did not meet expectations. Still, he is a serviceable pitcher and in the right situation, could be a decent number five starter somewhere. He probably gets another contract, and that will be how his career goes until it finishes, on a contract by contract basis year to year.

Wandy Rodriguez - That trade did not work out as the Pirates had hoped, and the even waived Rodriguez, now 36, a year ago. Nobody wanted him last season, and my guess is nobody wants him again this season.

Ryan Voegelsong - Now this is an aging pitcher who still has plenty in the tank. H will eventually return to the Giants later on this off season once everything settles down.

Chris Capuano - Injuries have derailed the career of the former 20-game winner of the Milwaukee Brewers. He is still a positive addition to anyone’s rotation, and he is headed back to New York on a one year contract. 

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