Thursday, January 15, 2015

Top Five Third Basemen Of Modern Times

Best Third Basemen of Baseball
Continuing with this theme of lists, I began with the top 10 starting pitchers of my lifetime league wide. Let’s now break out into individual positions, and begin with third basemen. Here the the top five third basemen I’ve seen in my lifetime.

5. David Wright- The New York Mets franchise player would be higher on this list if he wasn’t so injury prone. Currently in major league baseball, when he is healthy, there is nobody better at third base then David Wright, but health is the concern.

4. Adrian Beltre- Adrian Beltre has perhaps the strongest arm I have ever seen from a baseball player, and is over 2500 career hits. He has been around for a while, and is probably headed for the hall of fame at the rate he is going.

3. Aramis Ramirez- The Aramis Ramirez that the Brewers fans know, is not the Aramis Ramirez he once was. When he was in his prime, Aramis Ramirez was about as good of a two-way player at third base as we have seen in recent memory. It is perhaps time for him to call it a career though, as injuries are starting to pile up and his ability to recover from them is coming into question at his age.

2. Scott Rolen- One of the best big game players in recent memory, Rolen was a tough as nails competitor for the Phillies, Cardinals, and Reds. Rolen is most certainly going to end up in Cooperstown in a few years, as his retirement clock has already started since he called it a career in 2012.

1. Chipper Jones- Could anyone expect anything different? Advanced analytics tells us two things about Chipper Jones. He is the greatest switch hitter who ever lived and is the best we’ve ever seen in the live ball era at differentiating between a ball and a strike at the plate. He is also a five time Gold Glove award winner and was the best third basemen of the last several decades.

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