Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What Are the Brewers Doing to Their Pitching Staff and Infield in 2015?

Brewers Bullpen moves 2015
If you have been reading my blogs for the last several years, you would know that I have been very critical of the Milwaukee Brewers and the decision making of General Manager Doug Melvin. I have asked at every turn, every decision they have made, and have criticized their fear of rebuilding, which is something they need to do.

Their first move of the off season was to trade Marco Estrada for Adam Lind. I said, “Yeah, okay. I can understand that. Milwaukee needs to stop playing games at first base and settle on an everyday option over there." Now, with their second move of the off season and other future plans have me questioning them once again.

The Brewers made headlines last week when they traded Yovani Gallardo to the Texas Rangers for Luis Sardinas, Corey Knebel, and Marcos Diplan. Under the circumstances with Gallardo’s last two seasons in mind, this was as good of a deal as they were going to get for the man right now. If they had listened to my advice two years ago they could have traded Gallardo when his stock was through the roof and gotten an entire farm for him. But no, their desperation to cling to their “win now” mentality despite being in a division where they are looking up at two or more teams the last several years who are just better than they are put them in the position where they are now. Part of being a successful organization is having an understanding of the situation around you, not just your own team. Had the Brewers been aware of this, they would have realized they were falling behind in this division and thrown in the white towel so they could rebuild, reload, and come back strong at a later date.

Their future plans also have me shaking my head. They tried to trade for Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon over the weekend. That fell through, but they are still trying. They also are interested in free agent pitcher James Shields, the last big name on the market. They need to bail on both of these ideas now. Instead of signing or trading for someone else, they need to keep trading away players. Next up on the chopping block should be Kyle Lohse and Carlos Gomez. 

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