Wednesday, February 11, 2015

True Gentlemen in Sports Today

Gentlemen in sports
This may not pertain to the Brewers, but one of my pet peeves with modern day sports is all of the trash talking that goes on. This is why I have a firm dislike of football teams like the Seattle Seahawks, and most of the NBA in general. I am a fan of teams and players who take what they do seriously, and don’t feel the need to trash other players and teams in the process. With that said, here is a list of who I believe to be the true gentlemen in American sports.

Tim Duncan - Any list that involves the gentlemen of American sports starts with “The Big Fundamental” Tim Duncan. Tim Duncan may very well be the most grown man of any athlete in American professional sports. For 16 years Duncan has led the no-nonsense San Antonio Spurs to five NBA titles, and had it not been for poor officiating and a miracle shot by Ray Allen, six NBA titles. Duncan has never complained, never whined, and when he talks to the media, he talks in a very professional manner. You can tell the man is educated and did his homework when he was in school. He speaks clearly, and uses player’s full names, not nicknames or abbreviated names.

Bubba Watson - Two time major champion Bubba Watson is one of the nicest guys in American sports. He isn’t driven by winning like Tiger Woods is, nor is he driven to one up his peers like Phil Mickelson. Bubba is driven by happiness, and a love for life. He loves his wife and his children very much, and you can tell that is honest love when you watch him on TV and read about his daily life written about by those who know him personally. However, as nice as he is, he is not the nicest guy on the PGA Tour.

Matt Kuchar - As stated above, Bubba Watson is not the nicest guy on the PGA Tour. Matt Kuchar is. Not only is Matt Kuchar the nicest guy in the PGA Tour, but he might well be the nicest guy in American sports, period. This man always carries a genuine smile everywhere he goes, and it shows. Kuchar, like Bubba, is driven by personal happiness and love for life.

Joe Mauer - Every time I turn on ESPN or MLB Network whenever Joe Mauer is the subject at hand, all I hear about is how Joe Mauer is a true gentlemen of the game. Whenever you watch him, it is easy to tell why. Mauer is a true professional who goes about his business in a professional manner.  When Twins General Manager Terry Ryan decided to take the team into a full blown rebuild in 2010, Mauer did not complain and ask for a trade. He simply woke up, and went to work, just like he always has, just like he always will.

Jeff Gordon - Four Time NASCAR Cup Champion Jeff Gordon is different from his fellow racing peers. He is not angry, he is not driven by rage, and he is not driven to be the best at all costs. Gordon is driven to be great, but he is driven to do so in gentlemen-like manner. In a race as a child he ran over another racers wheel to win the race. After the race was over, his father made him give the trophy to the kid whose wheel he ran over, and made him apologize in front of everyone. Throughout his career, Gordon has won with nothing but dignity and respect for the sport and his peers.

Aaron Rodgers - Two-time MVP and Super Bowl Champion Aaron Rodgers is one of the true gentlemen in American Sports. I am not going to explain to you why though. Rather, I want you to go watch his It’s Aaron videos on YouTube. Watch a few of those and you will know exactly why.

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