Thursday, March 26, 2015

MLB 2015 Preview Team By Team

Well, we have reached that time of year again. Baseball season is just days away so that means it is time for me to give you my 2015 MLB baseball preview. Let's begin with the American League.

1. Toronto Blue Jays- The Blue Jays have been pushing hard the last couple of years to make something happen. Baltimore is taking a step back and I am not sold on the Red Sox rotation so their time is now.

2. Boston Red Sox- The Red Sox spent a lot of money this off season. However, as stated above, I am not sold on the rotation. That could change though, as the Red Sox are one of the leaders in the clubhouse right now for Cole Hamels.

3. Baltimore Orioles- Baltimore is going to take a step back this season. Still, a third place finish is not out of the question.

4. New York Yankees- The first season without Derek Jeter will end in a 4th place finish.

5. Tampa Bay Rays- This team once owned this division. But their time is no more. Expect a last place finish, and possibly the worst record in the league. They will also be trading Evan Longoria at some point.

1. Detroit Tigers- Currently the Tigers have five players under contract for 2016. I expect that to change during the season, but still, this is an old team. 2015 will be the last stand of the Detroit Tigers.

2. Kansas City Royals- I don't expect this team to fall as far as everyone thinks. Still, a second place finish seems about right.

3. Chicago White Sox- The White Sox made a lot of moves in the off season. But I am not sold on this team as a playoff contender right now.

4. Cleveland Indians- Another year, another 4th place finish for Cleveland.

5. Minnesota Twins- This team is getting better. But they will still finish last. Won't be long though before they are really, REALLY, good.

1. Los Angeles Angels- This is still the best team in this division. However this division is not as strong as it has been the last few years.

2. Seattle Mariners- The Mariners have been opening up the checkbook recently. I think it finally results in a playoff appearance for this team as a Wild Card.

3. Oakland Athletics- The Athletics time at the top of this division has come to an end, again. They will be rebuilding.

4. Texas Rangers- The Rangers were the most injured team in the league a year ago. I don't expect them to be that injured again. Still, the reality is this is an old team that needs to be rebuilt.

5. Houston Texans- Same situation as the Twins. Getting better, and won't be long until they are good.

Cy Young - Felix Hernandez/Seattle Mariners- King Felix will have his best season to date in 2015, a year in which Seattle will make the playoffs for the first time in 14 years.

AL Champion - Toronto Blue Jays
AL Rookie of the Year: Alex Meyer/SP/Minnesota Twins- Meyer is the future ace of this team. The future begins now.

AL MVP: Mike Trout/CF/Los Angeles Angels- Trout has finally gotten the purists on his side. Expect 2014 to be the beginning of a long stretch of MVP awards for him.

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