Thursday, June 4, 2015

Trading The Brewers Begins Now | Time To Make MLB Moves For The Future

Brewers Trade Deadline
We have reached the month of June, which means it is trade deadline season in Major League Baseball. The Brewers are at the center of many of these trade topics, involving the moving of many of their players. Before we really get into the meat of the trade deadline season, I thought it would be a good time to review many of these rumors and the players that could be moved.

Aramis Ramirez- The current third basemen of the Milwaukee Brewers has publicly stated he will be retiring following the season. Yes, this is not according to a report from some inside guy, Ramirez publicly stated that he will be retiring, so that means we can take it as he is retiring. The question is though, does he want to finish his career on a last place team, or would he like to get one last crack at the World Series with a contender? I believe he wants one last shot, and he will more than likely be moved at the trade deadline.

Carlos Gomez- The center fielder of the Milwaukee Brewers is one of their better trade assets at the moment, or one would think. Gomez has loads of talent, but he also comes with loads of attitude problems, and it is the latter that is causing teams to stay away from him at the moment because of Brewers demands for him. I believe Melvin or whoever the general manager is at the time will back off of the asking price, which will make him more trad worthy. I am thinking the Giants might be a destination.

Kyle Lohse- The fast-aging Kyle Lohse has been either really good or really bad this season. He still has value in a trade though, and could be placed into a young rotation down the stretch to provide innings and leadership. Houston might be a fit.

Matt Garza- Matt Garza is one of those pitchers who we think is supposed to be a lot better than he is. But still, he is a solid pitcher, although he has not been helping his cause with his poor performance this season. Garza currently sits at 3-7 on the season with a 5.52 ERA, and will need to improve those numbers if he wants to be traded.

Francisco Rodriguez- The Brewers closer has been very productive this season. He has nine saves and a 1.42 ERA to go along with it. Rodriguez could be traded to team like the Tigers, who are on their last chance and need bullpen help.

Jonathan Lucroy- This is the most interesting one of the bunch- Lucroy is the team's best player, and would bring back the most. The Brewers have said he is not available, although he should be. The problem is he has no value at the moment because he is just coming off a major injury. He will need to come back and get going quickly to create trade value, which I expect him to do.

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