Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cole Hamels Will Be Traded | MLB Trade Deadline Looms

Now that we are into July, the 2015 MLB trade deadline is really taking shape. Here is an updated list of who could be traded, and to where.

Cole Hamels - At some point this man is going to be traded and we can all move on with our lives. But until then, we'll have speculation, and more speculation. The Boston Red Sox, the original leaders in the clubhouse for Cole Hamels to begin this season, have had a miserable 2015 that has fallen short of expectations and are in no position to acquire the services of Mr. Hamels at this point in time. The Texas Rangers, who have been playing great baseball over the last month or so, have emerged as a serious candidate for Hamels' services. Don't forget about the Cubs either.

Johnny Cueto - Cincinnati Reds ace Johnny Cueto has emerged as a serious trade candidate. However his impending free agency makes it tricky. Cueto is the kind of player you back up the truck for in a trade, but with his pending free agency, teams will be hesitant to give up much. Maybe if a team could get Cueto to sign a long term contract extension upon being traded they would give up much more. Look for the Yankees to be the leaders of this one.

Troy Tulowitski - Carlos Gonzalez has played himself out of trade rumors with his poor 2015, but Tulo is still playing all-star baseball. Unlike Cueto, this man is under a long term contract. The question is, will a team pay the Rockies asking price, which is through the roof, but it should be? The Tigers are interested but they don't have enough. Neither does Texas.

Jay Bruce - Another Cincinnati Red who could be traded is Jay Bruce. There may not be a more hot and cold player in the game than Bruce. He is either really bad or really good. When is bad, he barely bats above the Mendoza line. When he is on, there may not be a better hitter in the game. He could be easier, and will be easier to acquire than Tulo.

Mike Leake - Yet another Cincinnati Red who could be moved is starting pitcher Mike Leake. Unlike with Hamels or teammate Johnny Cueto, Leake is more appealing because he will cost less, both in terms of trade assets and free agency. Expect Leake to be the most likely name on this list moved.  

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