Thursday, June 30, 2016

2016 Trade Deadline Big Name Players On The Move

2016 Trade Deadline MLB
The 2016 Major League Baseball season has arrived at June, so that means it is time to start sizing up the trade deadline. This year's trade deadline will feature plenty of names, and will be focused around our very own Milwaukee Brewers. Let's dive right in.

Jonathan Lucroy- “The Jonathan Lucroy watch” is on. He could end up in several places, but the leader is Texas. Rangers GM Jon Daniels and Brewers GM David Sterns are in a blinking contest over the package the Brewers will get in return. Daniels wants to give the Brewers a “ready now” prospect. Sterns wants long range prospects, specifically teenage pitchers he can project long term. Basically, Daniels told Sterns this is what I will give you, Sterns told Daniels we have other packages from other teams that are just as good and make more sense for us. Daniels told Sterns I don't believe you. Hunker down folks, because this one isn't going to be resolved anytime soon.

Ryan Braun- Another big name being thrown around out there is Lucroy's teammate, outfielder Ryan Braun. Two years ago we all thought Braun was finished, and I even wrote post asking the question, “How will Braun be remembered?” Well, looks like we were all really wrong. Braun has return to form in 2016, proving the doubters wrong. He isn't in Milwaukee's long term plans and the fire is hot to trade him now. The Giants and Dodgers are two teams to keep an eye on.

Evan Longoria- At some point the Rays are going to have to move this man. He is the best two-way third basemen in the game, and is baseball's current iron man. The Red Sox, Astros (Who has a massive sized hole at third base), Mariners, or Mets could be interested.

Danny Valencia- The Athletics' third basemen is having a career year. So far this season, Valencia is batting .338 with 10 home runs and 25 RBI's. His value couldn't be any higher, so now would be a good time to move him. He would come cheap as well, so a lot of teams could be interested. The Royals, Indians, Mariners, and Mets could all use a third basemen right now.

Carlos Gonzalez- When healthy, the Rockies outfielder is one of the best, in the GAME. The problem is when healthy. So far, Gonzalez only has one full season in his career. So far this season though, he has stayed healthy, and is having a big season. Gonzalez is batting .298 with 14 home runs and 34 RBI's. Now would be a time to move him. The Giants, Nationals, Cubs, and Rangers could all show interest.

Mike Trout- The Angels have flirted with the idea of trading Trout away to replenish their farm. After all, they are fading fast this season and they have a bunch of old contracts that will prevent them from making any short term moves. Trout is the best in the game, and will demand a monster asking price. The Red Sox, Yankees, or Giants would all have to dump their farm to acquire him.

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