Monday, June 27, 2016

Indians Are Hot Now and Cubs Go Cold

Another two weeks has come and gone in the 2016 Major League Baseball season and we have quite a bit to get to so let's jump right on in.

After such a focus on a top-heavy National League all off season and the first two months into 2016, the focus has now shifted to the American League, where the three hottest teams in baseball at the moment all reside. The Houston Astros, who have been slumping all season so far, and whom everyone is has been waiting for a big breakout from, have finally pulled it off. The Astros finally lost today to the Royals, ending an eight game winning streak. Overall, the Astros are 10-2 in their last 12 games and 23-9 in their last 32 games. Over the last month, the Astros have gotten back to what they did so well last year, hitting home runs and getting outstanding work from their bullpen.

The second of these three hot teams in the American League is the Cleveland Indians. What a time it is to be a Cleveland sports fan. After Lebron James willed the Cavaliers to the NBA title, and ending five-plus decades of suffering for the city, the Indians are on FIRE right now and have surged to the top of the American League Central. The Indians have won nine in a row, and it is time for us to finally take these Young Indians seriously. The third of these three hot teams in the American League are the Texas Rangers. The Rangers are 27-8 in their last 35 games, 49-27 overall, good for the second best record in baseball at the moment, and have emerged as the odds-on favorites to win the American League. This run of success really makes the Jonathan Lucroy situation more interesting by the day, as the Rangers are the one and only team he is linked to at the moment.

Then you have the flip side of that, pretty much the entire National League. The Cubs, who have been pillaging, plundering, and taking no prisoners all season, raced out to a 47-20 record, the best in baseball a week ago. They still have the best record in baseball, but they are just 1-6 in their last seven games, and their bullpen issues are starting to surface. Rumors are now popping up linking them to the Yankees Aroldis Chapman and the Brewers Jeremy Jeffress. The Pittsburgh Pirates, at least until this weekend anyways, were the coldest team in baseball. Prior to their three game sweep of the Dodgers this weekend, the Pirates were just a woeful 2-13 in their last 15 games. Their rotation was just failing them. Time will tell if this weekend was the turning point.

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