Tuesday, July 26, 2016

AL 2016 Mid-Season Review

All season long, I've been bringing you reviews every other week. Time to take a look at where we stand, division by division in the MLB.

The American League East has formed up well. The Baltimore Orioles currently lead the division with a 58-40 record overall, good for the best record in the AL. The Boston Red Sox are in second place, and surging, with a record of 55-42. The Blue Jays are right on their tail at 56-44. The Yankees, a semi-surprise, are at 51-48, and are looking to sell, for the first time in years. They already traded closer Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs. The Rays are 38-60, and fading fast. Time for Tampa Bay to finally move Evan Longoria.

The American League Central is upside down, literally. The Cleveland Indians, though to be a fourth place finisher, have stormed to the division lead with a record of 56-41. Right behind them are the Detroit Tigers, thought to finish third, with a record of 52-48. The Kansas City Royals currently stand at 48-50, and are a second half surge waiting to happen. Tied with them are the Chicago White Sox, who raced out to an early lead in May, but have come to back to earth since then. In last place are the Minnesota Twins. As I've said all season long, this is the most inexplicable phenomenon in recent memory. They have been playing much better though since mid-June. 

In the American League West we have the Texas Rangers leading the division with a record of 58-42. However, this comes with a yeah but. Yeah but, the Rangers once had an insurmountable lead over the Houston Astros, who have cut this thing down to 3.5 games. Speaking of those Astros, they are 54-45, and coming on strong. I think it's only a matter of time before they take the division lead. The Seattle Mariners are a mild surprise at 50-48, and they have a pair of MVP candidates in Robinson Cano and Nelson Cruz. The Oakland Athletics are 45-55, and nobody knows what direction they are going or what they are doing. The Los Angeles Angels are 44-55, and have too much of the wrong thing. In fact, rumors are now starting to surface that Mike Trout could be moved. So, to sum all of that up, if the playoffs were to start right now, this is how it would look.

East: Orioles
Central: Indians
West: Rangers
Wild Card 1: Boston Red Sox
Wild Card 2: Toronto Blue Jays

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