Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2016 MLB Awards According to Me

I am not one to wait too long to hand out my season awards. So while we are in the midst of the MLB postseason, waiting for the League Championship Series for both leagues to end, I will hand out some hardware, beginning with the National League.

Manager of the year: Dave Roberts/Los Angeles Dodgers- Clayton Kershaw missed half the season and the rest of the rotation missed time as well. Yet here the Dodgers are, 2016 National League West champions, in the NLCS, and in control of the mighty, supposedly unbeatable, Chicago Cubs.

Rookie of the year: Corey Seager/SS/Los Angeles Dodgers- Another easy choice. Seager had a magnificent rookie campaign, and did it at baseball's second most demanding position. He is also an MVP candidate.

Cy Young- Max Scherzer/SP/Washington Nationals- In a very strong year for National League starting pitcher, Scherzer rose to the top of the list. This was the hardest award in either league to hand out because of all of the good choices, but at this moment, Scherzer is looking like a 200 million dollar bargain for the Nationals.

MVP: Kris Bryant/3B/Chicago Cubs- Man, if there was ever a guy before the draft you could look at and say, man, this guy has superstar written all over his face, it was Kris Bryant. Why the Houston Astros took Mark Appel we will never know. In his rookie season, Bryant won the rookie of the year award. In his second season, he wins the MVP. What will he do in year three?

Manager of the year: Terry Francona/Cleveland Indians- The Indians were predicted to finish fourth in the American League Central. They won the division, and now find themselves one win away from the promised land. Before the postseason even started, they were labeled as the team most suited to take out the Cubs, and they still are.

Rookie of the year: Michael Fullmer/SP/Detroit Tigers- This was a weak season for AL rookies. Fuller had a decent season, going 11-7 with a 3.06 ERA.

Cy Young: J.A. Happ- This was really a two horse race all season. Happ beats out Rick Porcello of the Boston Red Sox, but not by much. Happ went 20-4 with a 3.18 ERA and did so pitching in Toronto. This was by far Happ's best season to date.

MVP: Brian Dozier/2B/Minnesota Twins- For all of the playoff teams, and playoff contenders, this was a very weak season for individual efforts. So, therefore, when a player joins a club only occupied by Rogers Hornsby and Ryne Sandberg, he wins the MVP award. Dozier finishes the season with 42 home  runs and 99 RBI's.

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