Monday, December 5, 2016

Big Time Players on MLB Trading Block

Last week, I did a post on free agents. Here is a list of potential position player trade candidates. The trade market this off season should be far more interesting than the free agent market.

Mike Trout/CF/Angels- It's hard to believe the Angels would ever make Mike Trout available. He is the best player in the game, but it shows the situation the Angels are in. Their farm is depleted, their major league roster is dysfunctional, and they are in a financial mess. Trout could leave at the end of his contract, and they would get nothing for him. Better to sell now, since his stock is through the roof.

Andrew McCutchen/CF/Pirates- We knew this day was coming. Technically the Pirates don't have to move McCutchen until July of 2018, but they do have to move him. There is no way they will be able to afford his big payday with should be north of 300 million at the end of the 2018 season.

Ian Kinsler/2B/Tigers- Kinsler is getting up there in years. Still, he could be an effective second basemen who could provide a young contending team with his big game experience.

Miguel Cabrera/1B/DH/Tigers- Cabrera was once the best hitter in the game, but has teetered off a little. Still he would bring a significant return, and it is time for the Tigers to throw up the white flag.

Justin Upton/OF/Tigers- Upton was just signed last offseason, and he is still a productive enough player that he could bring a return and the team taking him would take his full salary.

Victor Martinez/DH/Tigers- A very good hitter, Martinez can't catch anymore but he can still play some first base. He could be on the move to a team such as the Rangers, Mariners, or Red Sox.

J.D. Martinez/DH/OF/Tigers- The 5th and final Tiger on this list, Martinez has a good bat, and if an AL team wants a DH, he could be had without giving up a lot in return. Same list as Victor Martinez. All of these moves by the Tigers, are dependent on who has control of the franchise right now, the Tigers aging owner Mike Ilitch who thinks he can buy a championship before he dies even though he is the only one who thinks that, or his son Christopher, who has the long term interests of this franchise in mind.

Ryan Braun/OF/Brewers- The final piece the Brewers have yet to move is highly polarized outfielder Ryan Braun. His stock is about as high as it is going to get, and it would be wise for the Brewers to find someone to take that ridiculous contract. The trade currently being discussed involves Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig.

Yasiel Puig/OF/Dodgers- Speaking of Puig, he has worn out his welcome in Los Angeles. Unlike Braun, his range of potential landing spots is a lot more because his contract isn't as daunting as Braun's.

Paul Goldschmidt/1B/Diamondbacks- Many believe this man is the best first basemen in the game. They might be right. He would net a big time return if he was traded.

Evan Longoria/3B/Rays- It is past time for the Rays to move on from their long time franchise player. Longoria is baseball's current ironman, and an elite two-way player. Because of that, he would net a return similar to that of Trout or McCutchen.

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