Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Brewes Prospects to Keep and Starters to Dump

Brewers to keep and to get rid ofFor Brewers baseball fans, January is pretty much the slowest time of the off-season. We are left to ponder things like "Who should the Brewers pick up, and who should they dump?" What better way to answer those questions with a new round of “Buy or Sell: Milwaukee Brewers Edition.”

Buy: The Brewers have a lot of good position player prospects- The organization has done a fantastic job the last two years of gathering a glob of good talented position prospects. They have lots of organizational depth at very position now. This also gives them roster flexibility as they are continuing to rebuild. If they don't like how one guy is playing, they can try someone else until they find something they like.

Sell: The Brewers have a superstar in there somewhere- Listen, I like a lot of these players, I really do, and some people may even point to Orlando Arcia. I really like Arcia, and I think he can be a star player. However, he is not a franchise superstar face. This team still needs to find their own Kris Bryant for the long haul.

Buy: The Brewers have a lot of good pitching prospects- David Stearns has done a tremendous job of gathering good solid long range pitching prospects. As we head into the future, their pitching staff will fill out nicely with names like Josh Hader, Luis Ortiz, Phil Bickford, Cody Ponce, Marcos Diplan, Kodi Medeiros, and Corbin Burnes.

Sell: Once of those guys is the future Brewers ace- Being good is one thing. Being an ace is another. None of those guys are a Major Ace. Very much like the position player situation, the Brewers future ace will come via a fast track college pitcher in the draft in the next couple of years.

Buy: The Brewers will be worse off without Ryan Braun in the short term- As the whole world knows, the Brewers want to move Ryan Braun and will at some point within the next year. At the moment he is their “best player” so to speak. So therefore, productivity will dropoff because of it.

Sell: The Brewers will be worse off in the long run without Ryan Braun? Moving Braun and his albatross of a contract will give them long term flexibility financially. This is not the New York Yankess. They can't just sit a 200 million dollar contract on the bench while they decide what to do with it. The Brewers need to get the most out of every penny they spend. Getting rid of Braun will allow them to extend some of these young talents long term early like many other teams do.

Buy: Wily Peralta will be good out of the bullpen- At the moment, Wily Peralta stands as the most talented arm this team has. He has had a very inconsistent, up and down career. Moving to the bullpen may actually be a good thing for him to be honest.

Sell: The Brewers need to move him top the bullpen right now- I'm going to tell it like it is. The Milwaukee Brewers are going nowhere in 2017 or anytime soon for that matter. Why not continue to let Peralta see if he can figure it out in the rotation. That is a super-talented arm.

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