Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Top Ten Pitchers in MLB 2017

Here is my list of what I think are the top 10 pitchers right now.

10. David Price- The former number one overall draft choice out of Vanderbilt has been great his entire career. Even when he is supposed off his game he is still good.

9. Corey Kluber- Kind of the unknown on this list, part of which is due to him playing in Cleveland. Still, those who follow baseball enough know that this guy is really, REALLY good.

8.  Zack Grienke- For as great as he is, he's not known as one of the best clubhouse guys and he doesn;t get his way, there are going to be issues.

7. Jake Arrieta- The rise of these Cubs pitchers has been something to behold, and Arrieta is the best of the bunch. He is going to get a big payday when he hits the open market next year.

6. Chris Sale- I am putting a disclaimer on this list beginning with this guy. The top six on this list, can all be moved up and down from number one to number 6. Sale is great, but my one concern are his mechanics, which are a little goofy, and if he will hold up long term.

5. Felix Hernandez- Ooooo, I wish I didn't have to. Felix, if you are reading this, I would trade for you in a heartbeat, and I think you are great. But I had to pick someone. Please don't take it personally.

4. Clayton Kershaw- Five million Dodgers fans probably want to throw me in a river right now, but, for as awesome as his regular season numbers are, he crumbles in the postseason.

3. Max Scherzer- The 250 million dollar BARGAIN. That's it.

2. Johnny Cueto- People might argue this, but this guy brings it when it matters. In the 2015 World Series, with the Kansas City Royals season on the line, Cueto gave us one of the best pitching performances in baseball history with a two-hit complete game shutout.

1. Madison Bumgarner- He is great in the regular season, possibly the best playoff pitcher of this generation, and he's only 27.

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