Wednesday, March 8, 2017

MLB Preseason Awards for 2016

We are working our way through Spring Training and it is time to take a look at preseason awards candidates. Here is my list of American League preseason candidates for MVP.

Jackie Bradley- Let me break it down for you in simple terms. Elite, two-way, 5-plus WAR center fielders don't grow on a trees. Think Andrew McCutchen here. 2017 has monster season written all over it for Jackie Bradley Jr.

Josh Donaldson- The trade of Brett Lawrie to the Oakland Athletics for Josh Donaldson is turning out to be one of the most lopsided trades in recent memory. Lawrie isn't even in Oakland anymore and Donaldson has climbed to the top of the MVP heap in the American League. He is all set for another MVP season in 2017.

Mark Trumbo- That was a great trade last off season, bringing Trumbo to Baltimore from Seattle. Trumbo had the best season of his career, and should have been the American League MVP. 2017 has another big year written all of it for Trumbo.

Adam Jones- One of these years, one of these years, one of these years. One of these years Jones is going to have the season we are all waiting for, and is going to win his first MVP award. He is too good not to.

Eric Hosmer- This is a very good first basemen for the Kansas City Royals. Anytime now, anytime, he is going to have his big season. 2017 could very well be that season.

Francisco Lindor- Shortstops with great bats are hard to find. Shortstops with elite bats that are worthy of MVP consideration are almost impossible to find. Yet here we have two of them in the American League right now, and this is the first one on this list.

Carlos Correa- The second of those two shortstops I mentioned above. Correa is GOING to win an MVP award. Not if, when. 2017 might be when.

Mike Trout- Of course, all American League MVP lists need to include Mike Trout these days. But, the Angels might be so bad this season that he won't get consideration.

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